Fermentum SA

Fermentum S.A, is the company that owns LETRA a beer brand, emerged as a spin-off from the University of Minho, in 2013, but the idea of establishing the company began to ferment in 2008. Francisco Pereira and Filipe Macieira had it during their Masters in Biological Engineering projects linked to the beer industry and this idea came naturally. The first beers were produced precisely at that time, on a laboratory scale in the Department of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho. The objective was always to develop beers that differentiated those previously available on the national market.

Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a different style of beer. The basis of the brand’s idea has always been to create information in a way that the customer can learn while enjoying one of LETRA beers. We know that today’s consumer has many products at their disposal, which makes it difficult to create ties with certain brands. LETRA appears to solve this problem of memorizing your favorite beer, to do so just follow the alphabet. Each letter from A to G has different styles with simple flavors to the most complex and bitter. In terms of production, the LETRA range (a-g) are the recipes with the greatest demand and are in the fermenters regularly. However, there are many other recipes that are developed seasonally in order to bring novelty to the market.



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