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Fundación Profesor Novoa Santos

Fundación Profesor Novoa Santos


The Foundation of the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña was constituted by public deed on July 8, 1991 as the Juan Canalejo Marítimo de Oza Foundation. With full legal personality, it was recognized as a Foundation of a sanitary nature and declared of Galician Interest by the Order of the Consellería de Sanidade of the Xunta de Galicia of 30 October 1991 (under the auspices of the Protectorate of Foundations exercised by the Consellería de Sanidade of the Xunta de Galicia).

From the 1st of January 2013 and after the absorption process of the Professor Novoa Santos Foundation in Ferrol by the University Hospital Complex Foundation of A Coruña, the Professor Novoa Santos Foundation was born, with the objective of jointly managing the health research carried out in the hospitals and health centres of the integrated management departments of A Coruña and Ferrol.

Areas and Research Groups

The Professor Novoa Santos Foundation is responsible for managing technology transfer and developing innovation in the health areas of A Coruña and Ferrol. Its functions include the management, identification, processing, protection and transfer of the knowledge generated in the Reference Centres. At the same time, it has sufficient capacity to establish alliances and collaborations with both public and private bodies

Services portfolio:

  • Identification of the intangible assets resulting from the research carried out in the Reference Health Areas.
  • Advice on the administrative processing of Industrial and Intellectual Property registers.
  • Establishment of alliances and public-private partnership agreements for the development of R&D projects and operating license agreements.
  • Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence.
  • Identification of business demands that can be met by the scientific and technological capabilities offered by our Health Areas.
  • Advice and promotion of new biotech companies, following the identification of strategic projects that enable the creation of knowledge-based companies.
  • Training in innovation, protection and knowledge transfer.

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