Environmental technology

SmartWood. Platform for the management of rural plots

SmartWood. Platform for the management of rural plots

Project description

SmartWood is the platform for the management of rural plots that allows its users to obtain the key information to be able to make the best use of the plot, as well as control and manage all the actions that must be carried out on it in a way that does not require the in-person visit to the plot and keep a record.

Its development lines focus on the creation of tools that facilitate the management of rural, agricultural and forestry environments in order to generate higher value productions from the point of:

  • Reduction of handling costs thanks to the use of management systems (mobile and web)
  • Increase in product quality through access to methodologies and techniques that improve the quality of final products
  • The creation of new products in the field of bioeconomy through advice and implementation of mixed productions (forestry with resin, mycology, grazing)
  • The use and recovery of abandoned rural properties and their introduction into the production system

Description of the Activity Area Description / Technology

It is a digital platform, composed of an online service that communicates with web and mobile versions. The online service is made up of different modules or microservices: user management, parcel management (cadastre, SIGPAC, applied regulations…), generation of documents according to templates, FOE (recommendation service based on environmental characteristics) and exploitation booklet (including inventory, livestock and operations data).

These services are provided through a standardized REST API, a way in which both the web and mobile devices access and which enables interconnection with external agents, if necessary.

The mobile application is an entry point for the private, non-specialized user, and for the livestock or agricultural farmer who wants to enter data from the field. It is a hybrid application for Android and iOS that visually integrates plot data, recommendations and allows the insertion of data into the notebook.

The web portal allows a more professional use of the platform, in addition to management by SmartWood’s technical and administrative staff. It is an interactive web application (SPA) that allows, in addition to the operations supported by mobile phones, other tasks such as user/subscription management or the import of data into the notebook from other platforms and organizations.

The SmartWood promoter group is Aleutos Solutions S.L., to date the results obtained are:

  • MVP materialized as a mobile application in open beta on Google pay
  • 5553 downloads from Google play
  • 50,722 different queries about plots have been made on the app.
  • Of the previous queries, 26717 plots are unique (number of queries without repeating the same plot)
  • 291 contact emails requesting some special information


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