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Invivo Ventures is managed by Invivo Capital Partners, a management company founded by Albert Ferrer and Lluís Pareras, with the experience gained through the first Healthequity SCR fund. Invivo Ventures has a team of professionals with complementary experience, with the scientific-technical and financial know-how necessary to analyse and make investments that add value to the company in which it has a stake. In addition, it has a network of contacts and key strategic relationships in the healthcare ecosystem. Invivo Ventures FCR has been registered with the CNMV in March 2019. It is a fund financed by European Investment Fund (EIF), Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), Institut Català de Finances (ICF) and other private investors.

Financing Criteria

  • Approach: The Fund will focus on investing in early stage companies, mainly in the technology transfer phase. In the case of biotechnology companies, these should have strong proof of concept in animal models and in the case of medical device or digital health companies, these should have a prototype close to the market. A significant amount of the funds raised will be invested in Spain and a smaller percentage will be invested in companies from other European countries.
  • Size: The fund has made a first closure of 40M
  • Investment: Initial investments will be in the range of 0.5-2M euros, and could reach up to 4M euros with the achievement of pre-established milestones.
  • Sectors: The Fund wants to diversify risks by investing in companies at different stages and different sub-sectors within the biomedical area: Biotechnology, medical devices, digital health.


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